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Club Scale
Club Scale
Shoe Game: Heels Good, Toes Bad

At Club Scale’s door, shoe game is everything! If you’re not wearing the right footwear, you’re gonna get deaded.

What you should never say to a doorman

At the velvet rope, here's how to plead your case: 1) Show some respect. 2) Do NOT say any of these ...

A-List: The Scent That Screams "Elite"

You've got to spray your rope down. Jay Cee shows you what's in his unique scent. (Hint: It's very Robert Deniro.)

Practicing the Look and Lock

Scale's doormen practice proper rope technique, how to say "sorry bro," and their signature move: The Look and Lock.

Nightlife is a Dangerous Business

Working the door isn't all fun and games. Sometimes you face real danger. And even death via a snowboard calzone!?

The Secret Handshake of the Nightclub Doorman

How you greet a doorman can make the difference between getting inside and waiting in line all night.

I'm a Doorman, Not a Bouncer

Learn the secrets of Victor and Jay Cee, the nightclub doormen who operate our velvet rope (aka the toughest door around).

The World's Most Exclusive Nightclub

No bros, no basic bitches, no bridge and tunnel. Welcome to Club Scale, the world's most exclusive nightclub!

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