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Club Scale
Club Scale

Club Scale: Unless you are Leo, Tiesto, or a model, you're probably not getting in.

What you should never say to a doorman

What you should never say to a doorman

At the velvet rope, here's how to plead your case: 1) Show some respect. 2) Do NOT say any of these ...

A-List: The Scent That Screams "Elite"

You've got to spray your rope down. Jay Cee shows you what's in his unique scent. (Hint: It's very Robert Deniro.)

Practicing the Look and Lock

Scale's doormen practice proper rope technique, how to say "sorry bro," and their signature move: The Look and Lock.

Nightlife is a Dangerous Business

Working the door isn't all fun and games. Sometimes you face real danger. And even death via a snowboard calzone!?

The Secret Handshake of the Nightclub Doorman

How you greet a doorman can make the difference between getting inside and waiting in line all night.

Shoe Game: Heels Good, Toes Bad

At Club Scale's door, shoe game is everything! If you're not wearing the right footwear, you're gonna get deaded.

I'm a Doorman, Not a Bouncer

Learn the secrets of Victor and Jay Cee, the nightclub doormen who operate our velvet rope (aka the toughest door around).

The World's Most Exclusive Nightclub

No bros, no basic bitches, no bridge and tunnel. Welcome to Club Scale, the world's most exclusive nightclub!

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The most anticipated nightclub ever is here

Truth: Club Scale is a mockumentary web series from Fort Pelican, the creators of Vooza. It stars Dan Soder (Victor) and Joe List (Jay Cee) as doormen of a ridiculous nightclub in New York City. It’s written and produced by Matt Ruby and directed by Jesse Scaturro. Join our email list to get updates.

NEW YORK CITY, NY – There’s a new nightclub coming to town and it involves an in-house tattoo parlor, a waterboarding room, and an on-site ambulance. It’s called Club Scale, it’s located in the Meatpacking District, and it’s the newest nightlife venture by secretive Parisian nightlife veteran André Simon Beauregard (previously the owner of Sharqq, Le Petit Sphynx, and Oyvey).

Some clubs have an invite-only VIP area — at Scale, the entire club is VIP. We’re not talking guest list, we’re talking face control. Beauregard guarantees over 70% celebrities every night along with a mix of models who don’t speak English, underage girls who go to fashion school, pretentious art world gallerinas, and boring dudes who work in finance.

You’ll be blown away by the club’s incredible design. The decor is 1920’s Paris speakeasy meets Victorian Hunting Lodge meets 1980’s New York City Homeless Shelter as commandeered by Martha Stewart if she was in The Sex Pistols. 63,000 square feet has never felt so intimate.

s01e02_doorman_not_bouncer_1920x1080Jay Cee (left) and Victor, the doormen who curate the velvet rope at Scale.

At the bar, craft cocktails are poured by master mixologist Bartholomew Augustine. His signature cocktail is a Bloody Mary variation called the Wimpy Teddy which features Cachaca rum, Aperol, Edison lightbulbs, Hoboken dirt, and muddled lamb livers. It’s garnished with healing crystals and pieces of a fedora worn by Joe DiMaggio.

Of course, this brand of luxury comes at a price. Drink prices start at $28 and bottle service tables start at $16,000. And high rollers can get a 30-liter bottle of Ace of Spades champagne delivered from an airplane by a skydiver covered in disco balls for $75,000 (weather permitting).

“Scale isn’t like any other club,” says Beauregard. “It is a mix of luxury and humidity, debauchery and douchebaggery. It is totally original. The ceiling is made from pieces of the Berlin Wall so the energy is great. The room is full of amazing thought provoking art by Banksy, Rauschenberg, and George W. Bush. It is furnished with tufted couches made out of Ostrich leather and pillows stuffed with David Hasselhoff’s chest hair. But most of all, it’s about our great customer service that keeps people coming back. That’s why our bathroom sommelier knows your favorite toilet paper.”

More info on the club’s staff, location, and opening date and will be revealed soon so join the club’s VIP list to get all the dirt. You can also follow Scale on Twitter @ClubScale and on Facebook. To contact a Scale representative, email